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Andy Sievers


I am a specialist in truck driver hiring, training and supervision. I have personally hired and qualified over 4,000 truck drivers during my career tenure.


Additionally, I am an expert in defensive driving practices. I have taught safe driving practices to thousands of truck drivers. Alongside that, I am also an expert in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as I lead my former company through two successful D.O.T. audits; garnering a “satisfactory” safety rating each time.


As the risk manager for a fleet of 1,200 trucks, I have investigated in excess of 2,500 truck accidents. Throughout my career, I have developed extensive experience in training drivers on compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, completing their daily log sheets (record of duty status), over-dimensional transportation procedures, loading, unloading, load securement and safe driving practices.


My progressive management experience includes working as a dispatcher, operations manager, terminal manager, claims manager, credit manager, risk manager, loss prevention director, safety director and Vice President-Safety.

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