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The hiring of truck drivers is where Andy Sievers separates himself from others who work as trucking safety experts. In his 25+ year trucking career, Andy Sievers has personally hired in excess of 4,000 truck drivers. Most other safety experts have never hired (or supervised) a single truck driver. Many trucking safety experts’ (who were either former truck drivers or regulators) experience in the hiring of truck drivers is simply reading Section 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Most have minimal experience in finding, qualifying and orientating new truck drivers.

As the Vice President-Safety at Roberson Transportation, Mr. Sievers recruited, screened, hired and orientated thousands of truck drivers. Mr. Sievers understands the stresses and pressures in hiring good truck driver applicants. Mr. Sievers knows how to qualify truck drivers under the applicable regulations and beyond.


In addition to his 17 years with Roberson Transportation’s fleet of 1,200 trucks, Mr. Sievers has hired CMV drivers at three other national motor carriers. He intimately understands the application, screening and qualification processes for hiring new truck drivers. Mr. Sievers’ expert testimony regarding the proper hire of truck drivers is widely sought throughout the United States in both State and Federal courts.

Truck Driver
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