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Negligent Entrustment remains a significant area of contentious trucking litigations. With experience from personally hiring 4,000 + individual truck drivers, Andy Sievers is an undisputed expert in the hiring, training, and supervision of truck drivers. Mr. Sievers knows both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the industry standards in hiring/qualifying truck drivers.

Loading Dock


Many injuries occur during the loading and unloading of trucks and trailers at loading docks. Approximately 30 percent of Andy Sievers’ case load involves loading dock injury cases. Mr. Sievers has consulted with many Fortune 1000 Manufacturers and Shippers to recommend better and safer truck loading and unloading practices. 



Andy Sievers is the foremost authority/expert on load securement in the United States No other trucking safety expert has the flatbed load securement experience that Andy Sievers has accumulated. Mr. Sievers has 20+ years of experience working with flatbed motor carriers. He has developed flatbed load securement training programs as well as personally taught load securement practices to truck drivers every week for 17 years. 

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